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Latest news from No 26 Thorney Island Detachment:

On August 19th cadets and adult volunteers from all over Sussex travelled to Westdown Camp in Wiltshire to participate in all sorts of activities and adventurous training as part of Sussex ACF’s Annual Camp 2017. It was definitely the highlight of the ACF year. The weather was sunny and warm for most of the camp and the cadets engaged in a great variety of activities, including a visit to a waterpark, archery, mountain biking, blank firing exercises, navigation, first aid and many more!

Now we are moving into the autumn and on September 18th and 20th the detachment will be holding open evenings from 6:50pm – 9pm to showcase what we have to offer to all 12-18 year olds in the local area. Anyone who wishes to join or simply wants to learn more is welcome to attend. Just head to Thorney Island and directions will be available at the gate.

Additional information is always available by emailed

Our cadets continue to achieve highly-

On our annual summer camp our cadets walked away with an amazing 5 APC star level passes as well as an additional 15 APC subjects!

Ask yourself this:

Are you aged between 12 and 18 and looking for a new challenge?

Do you like the idea of tactical field exercises, navigation and shooting

Do you want to naturally develop your self-confidence, team spirit, fitness, organisation and communication skills by just being involved?

Do you want to join an organisation that is designed to give you a fun experience that also benefits your future career prospects?

Do you just want something different on evenings and weekends?

If the answer to any of these is YES then join us at Thorney Island.

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain!



Nº 26 (Thorney Island) Detachment

Baker Barracks
PO10 8DH


T. 01243 388350 (Parade Nights)




 Parade Nights

Mons & Weds 19:00-21:00hrs

Thorney Island

Complete directions at gate on arrival


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Friday September 08, 2017



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